What better way to get to know us, but to read real examples of how we helped our clients remedy their legal challenges. Here are a few of our favorite stories.

Civil Litigation
The plaintiff entered into a contract to purchase residential real estate and paid a $25,000.00 deposit. The contract had a mortgage contingency allowing the plaintiffs to terminate the contract if they were unable to obtain a mortgage commitment by a certain date. The plaintiff’s former attorney notified the seller’s attorney that the plaintiffs were unable to obtain a mortgage commitment by the agreed upon date. The seller thereafter refused to return the deposit.

The plaintiffs then hired The DaSilva Law Firm to recover the $25,000.00. The firm contacted the seller's attorney seeking to resolve the manner in an amicable manner. The seller refused to return the deposit. The firm then initiated a two count suit. The first count was for breach of contract and sought $25,000.00. The second count alleged conversion of the deposit which allows for treble damages under Connecticut law. When sued for $75,000.00, the seller promptly returned the deposit. The plaintiffs were elated to recover the deposit they feared was lost.

Personal Injury
The plaintiff worked as a meter reader for a utility company. While waiting to make a turn into the utility company parking lot, she was struck from behind by a motorist who thought she had room to squeeze by. The plaintiff suffered herniated discs in her neck and received medical treatment in the approximate amount of $4,000.00. She hired The DaSilva Law Firm to litigate the case. The firm sued the other driver as well as the utility company.

The other motorist had $20,000.00 of insurance coverage which the firm quickly recovered. The utility company had $50,000.00 of underinsured motorist insurance coverage which it paid after receiving a credit for the $20,000.00 paid by the other driver, as provided by Connecticut law. The firm then sued the plaintiff's own insurance company which had an even larger underinsured motorist policy. After negotiation, the plaintiff's insurance company paid an additional $75,000.00 to the plaintiff.

Real Estate
A local realtor referred her elderly aunt who was seeking to purchase a home. She complained that her aunt, as the buyer, and a homeowner, as the seller, had signed a binder for the sale of a home in Fairfield. The seller thereafter got a better offer and did not want to proceed with the transaction. We reviewed the document that buyer and seller signed and researched the applicable law.

We then sent the seller's attorney a letter explaining how the binder his client signed represented an enforceable contract for the sale of real estate. We stated that although we hoped his client would proceed with the transaction on an amicable basis, we were prepared to sue for damages and specific performance (a forced sale of the property) if the seller did not.

The seller weighed a lengthy lawsuit against an offer that he clearly found acceptable a short time earlier. The aunt enjoyed the rest of her years in that house in Fairfield.

Commercial Law
The Vice-President of a leasing company subsidiary of a Fortune 400 utility company hired us to collect approximately two hundred defaulted leases.

The company had already hired two other firms for such work. We began an aggressive and innovative pursuit of both the lessees in default and the personal guarantors. Our approach included routine prejudgment remedy attachments of guarantor’s assets and instigation of criminal proceedings for failure to return leased goods.

We soon collected over a million dollars for the company. The Treasurer ordered a report to be prepared comparing the relative efficiency of the three firms. The other two cost the company more than 50 cents for every dollar collected. The DaSilva Law Firm cost it only 17 cents for every dollar collected.

The Vice President soon used The DaSilva Law Firm not only for Connecticut cases, but also as a referral source for Litigation nationwide.